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1962 NHL Intra-League Draft

The 1962 NHL Intra-League Draft was held June 6. Again, the rules were the same as before: 18 skater and two goalie protected lists, $20,000 draft price, etc.

The biggest name taken in this draft was Bert Olmstead. He was 35 years old at the time, soon to be 36, and it was no secret that the Rangers drafted Olmstead so that he could take over as a playing coach from Doug Harvey. Olmstead wasn't interested and refused to report to the Rangers. There were rumours that the Canadiens were interested in re-acquiring Olmstead but he eventually chose retirement.

Jean-Guy Gendron and Bronco Horvath were drafted for the second straight year, the third time since 1957 that each had been selected.

OverallPlayer ChosenByFromPlayer Removed
From Protected List
Round 1
1Jean-Guy GendronBoston BruinsNew York Rangers
2Alex FaulknerDetroit Red WingsToronto Maple LeafsVic Stasiuk
3Warren GodfreyBoston BruinsDetroit Red Wings
4Barclay PlagerDetroit Red WingsMontreal CanadiensForbes Kennedy
5Bert OlmsteadNew York RangersToronto Maple LeafsIrv Spencer
passChicago Black Hawks
passToronto Maple Leafs
passMontreal Canadiens
Round 2
6Irv SpencerBoston BruinsNew York RangersJerry Toppazzini
7Floyd SmithDetroit Red WingsNew York RangersClaude Laforge
8Bronco HorvathNew York RangersChicago Black Hawks
9Ed Van ImpeToronto Maple LeafsChicago Black Hawks


  1. Mark,

    Love the new material- thanks.

    Regarding the 8th and 9th choices in the second round you have "new" in front of Chicago and (I may be wrong) wasn't Van Impe an original Blackhawk before being drafted by the Flyers?

  2. What, you never heard of "New Chicago"? :P (This is what happens when I'm copying and pasting and not paying enough attention to what I'm doing.)

    Regarding Van Impe, he was definitely with Chicago at the time of expansion and was picked by Philly. He was definitely with the Chicago organization in '61-'62, having played in the Buffalo Bisons who were then Chicago's affiliate. In '62-'63 he was back in Buffalo. Frankly I never have figured out what happened there. I thought it might have been a mistake in the newspapers, I even thought they might have meant Dick Van Impe (Ed's brother?) but Dick wasn't part of the Hawks organization and was a forward; all the newspapers said "defenceman Ed Van Impe".

    In fact every single newspaper I looked at said Toronto made the last selection and picked Ed Van Impe. The Toronto Star article said "Leafs took defenceman Ed Van Impe from Chicago. He was with Buffalo last season and was sent on to Eddie Shore at Springfield by Leafs." I think the idea was that Van Impe was going to be part of the package of players traded to the Springfield Indians to get Kent Douglas. The eventual trade was for Roger Cote, Dick Mattiussi, Bill White, Jim Wilcox and the loan of Wally Boyer. Maybe Van Impe refused to report to Springfield and he was traded back to the Hawks in short order? I really don't know.

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