Saturday, April 6, 2013

1955 NHL Intra-League Draft

The 1954 intra-league draft meeting had finally produced a result. Unfortunately the 1955 meeting did not.

The protected lists were submitted to the Central Registry on September 1, and the draft meeting was scheduled for September 7, but in the intervening week the general managers looked over each other's reserve lists and unanimously decided that "there was nobody to draft" and "no point in holding a meeting".

The 1955 Intra-league Draft was the last one scheduled to occur in September. Training camps began in September so it was awkward for the teams to firm up a protected list by September 1 before having seen the players in training camp. It was awkward for a team to lose a player in the midst of training camp, and equally awkward for that player to learn he had been drafted and would immediately have to report to another team's training camp. It was decided that beginning in 1956 the intra-league draft would be moved forward to the NHL's summer meetings in June.


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