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1960 NHL Intra-League Draft

The 1960 NHL Intra-League Draft was held June 8. Rules were the same as before.

OverallPlayer ChosenByFromPlayer Removed
From Protected List
Round 1
1Billy McNeillNew York RangersDetroit Red WingsNoel Price
2Ted GreenBoston BruinsMontreal Canadiens
3Ted HampsonNew York RangersToronto Maple LeafsMel Pearson
4Jim BartlettBoston BruinsNew York Rangers
5Parker MacDonaldDetroit Red WingsNew York RangersVal Fonteyne
passChicago Black Hawks
6Larry HillmanToronto Maple LeafsBoston BruinsPat Hannigan
passMontreal Canadiens
Round 2
7Jim MorrisonNew York RangersChicago Black HawksLarry Popein
8Tom ThurlbyBoston BruinsMontreal CanadiensBarry Ashbee
9Guy RousseauToronto Maple LeafsMontreal CanadiensJohnny Wilson

First choice Billy McNeill had been involved in a controversial trade between the Rangers and Red Wings earlier in the '59-'60 season. On February 5, 1960 Red Kelly and McNeill were to be dealt to the Rangers for Bill Gadsby and Eddie Shack. Red Wings GM Jack Adams was incensed that Kelly had told a Toronto publication that he had been playing on a broken ankle the season before. It was inferred that Kelly had been encouraged by the Red Wings to play on the broken ankle. Both Kelly and McNeill refused to report to the Rangers and threatened to retire. (Note that Kelly was 32, a veteran of the NHL by then, but McNeill was only 24.) A couple days later the trade was rescinded. McNeill was chosen by the Rangers in the draft only four months later and again he refused to report. He chose retirement, and didn't play a game for the Rangers. They eventually traded his rights back to the Red Wings in 1961 and McNeill came out of retirement to play for the Red Wings' affiliate in the WHL, the Edmonton Flyers.

Jim Morrison, acquired by the Rangers, had been property of the Black Hawks for only three days. He was traded to the Hawks by the Red Wings for Howie Glover (brother of AHL great Fred Glover) on June 5.

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