Sunday, April 14, 2013

1961 NHL Intra-League Draft

The 1961 NHL Intra-League Draft was held June 14. Rules were the same as before.

This was the first intra-league draft in which the players being dropped from their teams' protected lists played a large part in the proceedings of the day. Half of the selections—Bronco Horvath, Al Arbour, Vic Hadfield and Orland Kurtenbach—were dropped from their respective teams' protected lists and were chosen by another club later in the draft. Also, half of the selections came from the newly-crowned Stanley Cup champion Chicago Black Hawks (including Arbour and Hadfield).

OverallPlayer ChosenByFromPlayer Removed
From Protected List
Round 1
1Pat StapletonBoston BruinsChicago Black HawksDale Rolfe
2Jean-Guy GendronNew York RangersMontreal Canadiens
3Earl BalfourBoston BruinsChicago Black HawksBronco Horvath
passNew York Rangers
passDetroit Red Wings
4Bronco HorvathChicago Black HawksBoston BruinsAl Arbour
5Al ArbourToronto Maple LeafsChicago Black Hawks
passMontreal Canadiens
Round 2
6Autry EricksonChicago Black HawksBoston BruinsVic Hadfield
Round 3
7Vic HadfieldNew York RangersChicago Black HawksOrland Kurtenbach
Round 4
8Orland KurtenbachBoston BruinsNew York Rangers

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