Sunday, August 5, 2012

1970 NHL Inter-League Draft

The 1970 Inter-League Draft was held June 9, just after the intra-league draft. The Buffalo Sabres were the only team to participate. The Canucks were excluded because they had been a WHL team themselves, thus they already had a few minor league players under contract. The rest of the league was excluded in order to give the expansion Sabres the best pick of the minor league players. This was a relatively small concession as of the four picks only Bill Inglis had any NHL experience up to that point.

OverallPlayer ChosenByFrom
1Kevin O'SheaBuffalo SabresSan Diego Gulls (WHL)
2Cliff SchmautzBuffalo SabresPortland Buckaroos (WHL)
3Brian McDonaldBuffalo SabresDenver Spurs (WHL)
4Bill InglisBuffalo SabresMontreal Voyageurs (AHL)1
(Montreal Canadiens)
1. Bill Inglis was claimed by the Montreal Canadiens from the Los Angeles Kings in the Intra-League Draft earlier in the day. He never played for the Montreal Canadiens or their affiliate in the AHL.

A tidbit of trivia for you: Kevin O'Shea and Cliff Schmautz each had more famous brothers playing in the NHL. Kevin's older brother Danny played 370 games, mostly with the North Stars. Cliff's younger brother Bobby played 764 games, mostly with the Bruins.

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