Monday, May 21, 2012

1973 NHL Inter-League Draft

I thought I'd follow up today's earlier post about the Inter-League and Reserve Drafts with the results of the 1973 Inter-League Draft. Why that draft? An interesting piece of trivia: only one player was taken.

That's right, only one. Hartland Monahan, son-in-law of Bernie Geoffrion, was picked by the California Golden Seals from their WHL affiliate in Salt Lake City.

Monahan was an Amateur Draft pick of the Golden Seals in 1971. Why he had to be reacquired from the WHL farm team I don't know; at some point in 1972 his rights must have been transferred to the Golden Eagles. In 1971-72 he split his time between the AHL's Baltimore Clippers (who had an affiliation agreement with the Golden Seals) and the IHL's Columbus Golden Seals (who were another Golden Seals farm club). The Golden Seals added the Salt Lake Golden Eagles as an affiliate in 1972. I presume they acquired Monahan's rights as part of the affiliation agreement.

The reason for only one player being selected? Floyd Curry, then the Assistant General Manager of the Canadiens, was quoted saying, " ... with the price tag set at $30,000 I don't think anybody was too interested in making a move."

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