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1966 NHL Amateur Draft

As promised, the results of the 1966 NHL Amateur Draft, including the picks of the WHL, AHL and CPHL teams. The draft took place in the middle of the playoffs on April 25, 1966 at the Mount Royal Hotel in Montreal.

OverallPlayer ChosenByFrom
Round 1
1Barry GibbsBoston BruinsEstevan Bruins (SJHL)
2Brad ParkNew York RangersToronto Marlboros (OHA Jr. A)
3Terry CafferyChicago Black HawksToronto Marlboros (OHA Jr. A)
4John WrightToronto Maple LeafsWestclair York Steel (OHA Jr. B)
5Phil MyreMontreal CanadiensShawinigan Bruins (QPJHL)
6Steve AtkinsonBoston Bruins1Niagara Falls Flyers (OHA Jr. A)
Round 2
7Rick SmithBoston BruinsHamilton Red Wings (OHA Jr. A)
8Joey JohnstonNew York RangersPeterborough Petes (OHA Jr. A)
9Ron DussiaumeChicago Black HawksOshawa Generals (OHA Jr. A)
10Cam CrosbyToronto Maple LeafsToronto Marlboros (OHA Jr. A)
11Maurice St. JacquesMontreal CanadiensLondon Nationals (OHA Jr. A)
12Jim WhittakerDetroit Red WingsOshawa Generals (OHA Jr. A)
Round 3
13Garnet BaileyBoston BruinsEdmonton Oil Kings (CAHL)
14Don LuceNew York RangersKitchener Rangers (OHA Jr. A)
15Larry GibbonsChicago Black HawksMarkham Seal-A-Wax (OHA Jr. B)
16Rick LeyToronto Maple LeafsNiagara Falls Flyers (OHA Jr. A)
17Jude DrouinMontreal CanadiensVerdun Maple Leafs (MetMtlJHL)
18Lee CarpenterDetroit Red WingsHamilton Mountain Bees (OHA Jr. B)
Round 4
19Tom WebsterBoston BruinsNiagara Falls Flyers (OHA Jr. A)
20Jack EgersNew York RangersKitchener Greenshirts (OHA Jr. B)
21Brian MorenzChicago Black HawksOshawa Generals (OHA Jr. A)
22Dale MacLeishToronto Maple LeafsPeterborough Petes (OHA Jr. A)
23Bob PateMontreal CanadiensMontreal Junior Canadiens (OHA Jr. A)
24Grant ColeDetroit Red WingsSt. Michael's Buzzers (OHA Jr. B)
1. Detroit Red Wings traded their first round pick to the Boston Bruins with Gary Doak, Bill Lesuk and Ron Murphy for Leo Boivin and Dean Prentice, February 17, 1966.

Players selected by the American Hockey League teams:

OverallPlayer ChosenByFrom
Round 1
Bill LewisProvidence RedsWestclair York Steel (OHA Jr. B)
Brian LefleyBaltimore ClippersWinnipeg Rangers (MJHL)
Dave BurrowsBuffalo BisonsDixie Beehives (OHA Jr. B)
Jim AdairSpringfield IndiansHamilton Mountain Bees (OHA Jr. B)
Doug HintonPittsburgh HornetsWestclair York Steel (OHA Jr. B)
Claude HoudeCleveland BaronsSt. Jerome Alouettes (QPJHL)
Ross WebleyHershey BearsStamford Bruins (OHA Jr. B)
John HughesRochester AmericansWestclair York Steel (OHA Jr. B)
Hugh HarrisQuebec AcesStratford Braves (OHA Jr. B)
Round 2
Joe MeehanProvidence RedsSt. Michael's Buzzers (OHA Jr. B)
Bruce BuchananBaltimore ClippersWinnipeg Braves (MJHL)
Ken HancockBuffalo BisonsEtobicoke Indians (OHA Jr. B)
Bob BlackSpringfield IndiansOshawa Generals (OHA Jr. A)
Frank SawyerPittsburgh HornetsOshawa Crushmen (OHA Jr. B)
Merose StelmaschukCleveland BaronsEdmonton (Jr. B)
Bill RysnickHershey BearsSt. Mary's Lincolns (OHA Jr. B)
Murray McLachlanRochester AmericansWestclair York Steel (OHA Jr. B)
John CowleyQuebec AcesArnprior Packers (CJrAHL)
Round 3
Phil RobertoProvidence RedsStamford Bruins (OHA Jr. B)
Roger KnowlesBaltimore ClippersOshawa Crushmen (OHA Jr. B)
Ron AndersonBuffalo BisonsHamilton Mountain Bees (OHA Jr. B)
Robert LeadleySpringfield IndiansSt. Catharines Falcons (OHA Jr. B)
Jim SchraefelPittsburgh HornetsEdmonton Oil Kings (CAHL)
Trevor ConnCleveland BaronsEtobicoke Indians (OHA Jr. B)
Ross GrayHershey BearsStamford Bruins (OHA Jr. B)
Larry Vander GraafRochester AmericansEast Elmwood (Manitoba)
Rey ComeauQuebec AcesWest Island Flyers (MetMtlJHL)

Players selected by the Western Hockey League teams:

OverallPlayer ChosenByFrom
Round 1
Tim SheehySan Diego GullsInternational Falls H. S. (MSHSL)
Gerry PinderLos Angeles BladesSaskatoon Blades (SJHL)
Bob MurraySeattle TotemsPeterborough Don Byes (OHA Jr. B)
Karl HaggartySan Francisco SealsNiagara Falls Flyers (OHA Jr. A)
Jarmo LehtonenVancouver CanucksKitchener Greenshirts (OHA Jr. B)
Peter NevinVictoria Maple LeafsOshawa Crushmen (OHA Jr. B)
Doug AcombPortland BuckaroosWestclair York Steel (OHA Jr. B)
Round 2
Brad DavidsonSan Diego GullsMarkham Seal-A-Wax (OHA Jr. B)
Jerry KorabLos Angeles BladesSault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (NOJHA)
Doug McFadyenSeattle TotemsCalgary
Bill McKaySan Francisco SealsNew Liskeard (Ontario)
Gratien GuayVancouver CanucksDolbeau Castors (SagJHL)
Archie MacDonaldVictoria Maple LeafsHalifax Canadiens
Jean PotvinPortland BuckaroosHull Hawks (CJrAHL)
Round 3
Barry ByspalkoSan Diego GullsSt. Catharines Falcons (OHA Jr. B)
Barry LongLos Angeles BladesMoose Jaw Canucks (SJHL)
Doug AbelSeattle TotemsLashburn Red Wings (Sask. Jr. B)
Ron RileySan Francisco SealsPicton Merchants (OHA Jr. C)
Brian CadleVancouver CanucksEast Elmwood (Manitoba)
Don Culbert Victoria Maple LeafsNew Hamburg Hahns (OHA Jr. C)
Richard BrownPortland BuckaroosSilver Heights (Winnipeg)

Players selected by the Central Professional Hockey League:

OverallPlayer ChosenByFrom
Round 1
Rick RowellMemphis WingsHamilton Mountain Bees (OHA Jr. B)
Seppo RuuskaHouston ApollosChatham Maroons (OHA Jr. B)
Bob ChannellSt. Louis BravesThorold Jaycees (OHA Jr. B)
John GouldTulsa OilersAurora (OHA Jr. C)
Paul GamsbyOklahoma City BlazersChatham Maroons (OHA Jr. B)
Lorne WallisMinnesota RangersWeston (Winnipeg)
Round 2
Randy ManeryMemphis WingsLeamington (Ontario)
Bob ShannonHouston ApollosHalifax Canadiens
John DanbySt. Louis BravesDixie Beehives (OHA Jr. B)
Joe CooperTulsa OilersNorth Kildonan (Manitoba)
Scott HarveyOklahoma City BlazersFredericton (Jr. B)
Denis DupereMinnesota RangersJonquiere Marquis (SagJHL)

CAHL = Central Alberta Hockey League
CJrAHL = Central Junior A Hockey League
MJHL = Manitoba Junior Hockey League
MetMtlJHL = Metropolitan Montreal Junior Hockey League
MSHSL = Minnesota State High School League
NOJHA = Northern Ontario Junior Hockey Association
OHA = Ontario Hockey Association
SagJHL = Saguenay Junior Hockey League
SJHL = Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

The NHL had affiliation agreements with most of the teams involved and according to one source made the picks on the minor league teams' behalves. The Bruins were affiliated with the Hershey Bears, San Francisco Seals and Oklahoma City Blazers; the Black Hawks were affiliated with the Buffalo Bisons, Los Angeles Blades and St. Louis Braves; the Red Wings were affiliated with the Pittsburgh Hornets, San Diego Gulls and Memphis Wings; the Montreal Canadiens were affiliated with the Quebec Aces, Seattle Totems and Houston Apollos; the Rangers were affiliated with the Baltimore Clippers, Vancouver Canucks and Minnesota Rangers; the Toronto Maple Leafs were affiliated with the Rochester Americans, Victoria Maple Leafs and Tulsa Oilers. In effect they were drafting on their own behalf. Many of the players nominally chosen by the minor league clubs were assigned to another of the parent club's affiliates.

Notice that I didn't put overall pick numbers to the picks of the WHL, AHL and CPHL teams. I know the players were drafted in that order with respect to each league but I'm not sure if they drafted separately (i.e. I don't know if the leagues drafted in the same rounds together or one after the other; the AHL and WHL played an interlocking schedule that year so I suspect they might have drafted together).


  1. Mark,

    Do you know why Detroit picked last in each round of the 1966 amateur draft when they finished fourth in the regular season and lost to the Canadiens in the SC Finals?

    1. Back then they didn't determine draft order by standings. When the draft was instituted in 1963 the order was determined at random to be Canadiens, Red Wings, Bruins, Rangers, Black Hawks, Maple Leafs. The Maple Leafs went last because they were the Stanley Cup champions that year and the Bruins, as last place, were given permission to choose between the first overall pick or to stay at number 3. In subsequent drafts the order was to be the same as the order of the previous year, with the team that chose first dropping down to the last in the order and all the others moving up by one.

      So, '63 was Habs, Wings, Bruins, Rangers, Hawks, Leafs. The 1964 order was Wings, Bruins, Rangers, Hawks, Leafs, Habs. In 1965 the order was supposed to be Bruins, Rangers, Hawks, Leafs, Habs, Wings, but the Bruins were allowed to give up the right to first in the draft order and defer it until 1966. They were bumped to the last in the order. Montreal also chose to defer the fifth position in the order, and moved back behind the Bruins to last in the order. The order in '65 ended up being Rangers, Black Hawks, Maple Leafs, Red Wings, Bruins, Canadiens. Punch Imlach thought the talent pool was so incredibly shallow that year that the Maple Leafs didn't even bother to participate, passing (but NOT deferring) on all their draft choices.

      So the 1966 order was Bruins (because they deferred first choice in '65), Rangers (who should have gone first, but were bumped to second by the Bruins deferment), Hawks (should have gone second, bumped to third), Leafs (should have gone third, bumped to fourth), Canadiens (because they deferred fifth in '65), Red Wings (who should have gone fifth but were bumped to sixth by the Canadiens).

      In 1967 the order of the amateur draft was determined by lottery, a completely separate lottery from the order of the expansion draft, to be Kings, Penguins, Blues, Seals, North Stars, Flyers in positions 1-6, with the positions of the "Original Six" teams going Rangers, Hawks, Leafs, Canadiens, Wings, Bruins; the same order it would have been as without the additional six teams.

      1968 was the first year the draft order went by reverse standings: last in the West, last in the East, fifth in the West, fifth in the East, fourth through first in the West and fourth through first in the East. In 1969 they went by the reverse order of standings, no matter the division. This lasted largely unchanged until the '80s, when the order went by reverse standings of non-playoff teams and then reverse order of the playoff teams. The draft lottery wasn't instituted until 1995.

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  2. Just imagine how many more Stanley Cups the Bruins might have won if they'd drafted Brad Park when they had the chance instead of waiting nine years to trade for him.



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