Sunday, December 1, 2013

1993 NHL Waiver Draft

The 1993 Waiver Draft was held on October 3. The rules were the same as they were in 1992, except that the number of players that could be lost was back up to the regular three (whereas in 1992 each team could only lose a maximum of one player). The new expansion teams, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and the Florida Panthers, were allowed to participate in the first round of selections with the non-playoff clubs.

PlayerPicked byPicked fromPlayer dropped
from protected list
Cash or claim?
Round 1
Dave McLlwainOttawa SenatorsToronto Maple Leafs???$18,700
Mike HudsonNew York RangersEdmonton OilersPaul Brotencash
Paul BrotenDallas StarsNew York Rangers???cash
Round 2
John McIntyreVancouver CanucksNew York RangersGarry Valkcash
Rich SutterChicago BlackhawksSt. Louis Blues???cash
Round 3
Garry ValkMighty Ducks of AnaheimVancouver Canucks???cash

Garry Valk is sometimes erroneously attributed as one of the Ducks' choices in the 1993 NHL Expansion Draft. In fact he was chosen in this draft, the '93 Waiver Draft, after the Canucks dropped him from their protected list when they picked John McIntyre in the second round. Valk was one of the Ducks' top wingers in their first season.

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