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1986 NHL Waiver Draft

The 1986 Waiver Draft was held on October 6. The protected lists were expanded to 17 skaters and two goaltenders, as it had been in 1982 and 1983.

The order of selection changed slightly this year. Beginning this year the non-playoff clubs from the previous season would not only have priority over the playoff clubs but they would be allowed to have the first round of selections to themselves, and all subsequent rounds until each of them had passed on their selections. Once they had all passed within a round the playoff clubs would be allowed to begin selections, and have a round of selections to themselves. All following rounds would be as they were in prior drafts: non-playoff clubs in inverse order of points in the preceding regular season followed by playoff clubs in inverse order of points.

The non-playoff clubs would also be allowed to choose whether or not to drop a player from their protected lists when they made a selection, thereby forcing the club from which they made a claim to accept the waiver price instead of having the opportunity to claim a player as compensation.

The only caveat to this scheme that afforded the non-playoff clubs exclusive rounds of selections was that in those first rounds they were not allowed to pick a player from a team in their own division.

PlayerPicked byPicked fromPlayer dropped
from protected list
Cash or claim?
Round 1
Bob BourneLos Angeles KingsNew York Islandersnone$2,500
Clark GilliesBuffalo SabresNew York Islandersnone$2,500
Round 2
Mal DavisLos Angeles KingsBuffalo Sabresnone$7,500
Wilf PaiementBuffalo SabresNew York Rangersnone$2,500
Round 3
all non-playoff clubs passed
Round 4
Pat HughesSt. Louis BluesBuffalo SabresEddy Beers$2,500
Gord ShervenHartford WhalersEdmonton OilersBill Gardner$40,000
John BlumWashington CapitalsBoston BruinsMark Taylor$15,000

The dismantling of the New York Islanders dynasty was in full swing by this point. They lost Dave Langevin in the '85 Waiver Draft and had already traded away Butch Goring and John Tonelli. Bob Nystrom retired in the off-season, and in the first round of the '86 Waiver Draft they lost long-time players Bob Bourne and Clark Gillies. '86-'87 would also be Mike Bossy's final season; he declared his retirement from playing hockey in 1988 due to ongoing problems with his back.

TRIVIA: Bob Bourne's son Justin, a hockey player in his own right who played in the AHL and ECHL before retiring due to injuries, married Clark Gillies' daughter Brianna in 2011.

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