Saturday, October 20, 2012

1969 NHL Inter-League Draft

The 1969 Inter-League Draft was held June 10. The draft price was the same $15,000 as it had been before.

OverallPlayer ChosenByFrom
Round 1
1Darryl SlyMinnesota North StarsVancouver Canucks (WHL)
2Bill SaundersChicago Black HawksPortland Buckaroos (WHL)
3Nick HarbarukPittsburgh PenguinsVancouver Canucks (WHL)
4Chuck HamiltonDetroit Red WingsHershey Bears (AHL)
5Bob BarlowPhiladelphia FlyersVancouver Canucks (WHL)
6Jerry LafondOakland SealsProvidence Reds (AHL)
7Bob PateMontreal CanadiensDenver Spurs (WHL)
Round 2
8Sandy McGregorPittsburgh PenguinsBaltimore Clippers (AHL)


  1. Mark,

    This is great. Thanks for adding.
    Was there a reverse and intra-league draft that year also?

  2. Of course, I'm actually working on them right now. :)

    FYI I probably should have noted that Bob Barlow was traded to the North Stars by the Flyers later that day. Some sources say Barlow was drafted by Minnesota, e.g. ; by the time the papers went to press he had been acquired by the North Stars.

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