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1972 Reverse Draft

The 1972 Reverse Draft was held June 8 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. The rules were that no NHL team could lose more than two players, and each pick cost the minor league team $15,000. A second phase of the draft, the rules to which I'm not certain of but I presume entail the NHL teams protecting more players than in the first phase, was held immediately after. In the second phase the pick price was halved to $7,500 and only one pick was made in this second phase of drafting. Note that I have called it "Round 4".

Note that players picked by a minor league club from their parent affiliate didn't count toward the two player limit. For example it appears the Canucks lost three players: John Hanna, Duke Harris and Barry Cummins. Hanna was picked by the Totems, a Canucks affiliate, therefore he didn't count toward the limit. In effect he didn't go anywhere and the Totems paid the Canucks $15,000 for allowing him to stay in Seattle; coincidentally he was lost to the WHA's Cleveland Crusaders anyway.

OverallPlayer ChosenByFrom
Round 1
1Larry MavetyTidewater WingsBuffalo Sabres
(Salt Lake Golden Eagles, WHL)
2Bob RoselleSeattle TotemsSt. Louis Blues
(Kansas City Blues, CHL)
3Don O'DonoghueRochester AmericansBoston Bruins
(Boston Braves, AHL)
4Marv EdwardsSalt Lake Golden EaglesToronto Maple Leafs
(Phoenix Roadrunners, WHL)
5Rene LeclercProvidence RedsDetroit Red Wings
(Tidewater Wings, AHL)
6Ron AndersonSan Diego GullsBuffalo Sabres
(Salt Lake Golden Eagles, WHL)
7Andre GaudetteRichmond RobinsPhiladelphia Flyers
(Richmond Robins, AHL)
8Bob PepplerPortland BuckaroosChicago Black Hawks
(Syracuse Blazers, EHL)
9Joe DaleyCleveland BaronsDetroit Red Wings
10Bernie BlanchettePhoenix RoadrunnersSt. Louis Blues
(Kansas City Blues, CHL)
11Ross WebleySpringfield KingsBoston Bruins
(Oklahoma City Blazers, CHL)
passDenver Spurs
passCincinnati Swords
12Hank NowakHershey BearsPhiladelphia Flyers
(Richmond Robins, AHL)
13Jim ShawBaltimore ClippersChicago Black Hawks
(Baltimore Clippers, AHL)
14Bruce LandonNova Scotia VoyageursLos Angeles Kings
(Springfield Kings, AHL)
15Kerry BondBoston BravesCalifornia Golden Seals
(Phoenix Roadrunners, WHL)
Round 2
16John HannaSeattle TotemsVancouver Canucks
(Seattle Totems, WHL)
17Duke HarrisRochester AmericansVancouver Canucks
(Rochester Americans, AHL)
18Barry CumminsSalt Lake Golden EaglesVancouver Canucks
(Seattle Totems, WHL)
19Howie HughesSan Diego GullsLos Angeles Kings
(Seattle Totems, WHL)
20Jim YoungPortland BuckaroosChicago Black Hawks
(Flint Generals, IHL)
21Ron DussiaumeSpringfield KingsChicago Black Hawks
(Dallas Black Hawks, CHL)
22Roy EdwardsHershey BearsPittsburgh Penguins
23Claude PicheBoston BravesMinnesota North Stars
(Roanoke Valley Rebels, EHL)
Round 3
all teams passed
Round 4
24Hal WillisPhoenix RoadrunnersSt. Louis Blues
(Denver Spurs, WHL)

"How the reverse draft went". Montreal Gazette. June 9, 1972. p. 18.

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